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void KopetePluginDataObject::setPluginData ( KopetePlugin plugin,
const QMap< QString, QString > &  value 
) [inherited]

Set the plugin-specific data. The data in the provided QMap is a set of key/value pairs. Note that protocol plugins usually shouldn't use this method, but reimplement KopeteContact::serialize() instead. This method is called by KopeteProtocol for those classes.

WARNING: This erases all old data stored for this object! You may want to consider the setPluginData() overload that takes a single field as parameter.

Definition at line 51 of file kopeteplugindataobject.cpp.

References KopetePluginDataObject::pluginDataChanged(), and KopetePlugin::pluginId().

Referenced by MSNEditAccountWidget::apply(), MSNAccount::connectWithPassword(), MSNNotifySocket::parseCommand(), KopeteAccount::readConfig(), MSNAccount::slotGroupAdded(), MSNAccount::slotKopeteGroupRemoved(), and KopeteProtocol::slotMetaContactAboutToSave().

      if ( pluginData.isEmpty() )
            d->pluginData.remove( plugin->pluginId() );

      d->pluginData[ plugin->pluginId() ] = pluginData;

      emit pluginDataChanged();

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