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void KopetePluginManager::slotLoadNextPlugin (  )  [private, slot]

Load a plugin from our queue. Does nothing if the queue is empty. Schedules itself again if more plugins are pending.

Definition at line 259 of file kopetepluginmanager.cpp.

References allPluginsLoaded(), and loadPluginInternal().

Referenced by loadAllPlugins(), and loadPlugin().

      if ( d->pluginsToLoad.isEmpty() )
            if ( d->shutdownMode == KopetePluginManagerPrivate::StartingUp )
                  d->shutdownMode = KopetePluginManagerPrivate::Running;
                  emit allPluginsLoaded();

      QString key = d->pluginsToLoad.pop();
      loadPluginInternal( key );

      // Schedule the next run unconditionally to avoid code duplication on the
      // allPluginsLoaded() signal's handling. This has the added benefit that
      // the signal is delayed one event loop, so the accounts are more likely
      // to be instantiated.
      QTimer::singleShot( 0, this, SLOT( slotLoadNextPlugin() ) );

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