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KopeteProtocol Class Reference

#include <kopeteprotocol.h>

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KopetePlugin GroupWiseProtocol IRCProtocol MSNProtocol TestbedProtocol WPProtocol

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Detailed Description

Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett <duncan@kde.org>

Martijn Klingens <klingens@kde.org>

Olivier Goffart <ogoffart@tiscalinet.be>

Definition at line 43 of file kopeteprotocol.h.

Public Types

enum  AddressBookFieldAddMode { AddOnly, MakeIndexField }
enum  RichTextCapabilities {
  BaseFgColor = 1, BaseBgColor = 2, RichFgColor = 4, RichBgColor = 8,
  BaseFont = 16, RichFont = 32, BaseUFormatting = 64, BaseIFormatting = 128,
  BaseBFormatting = 256, RichUFormatting = 512, RichIFormatting = 1024, RichBFormatting = 2048,
  Alignment = 4096, BaseFormatting = BaseIFormatting | BaseUFormatting | BaseBFormatting, RichFormatting = RichIFormatting | RichUFormatting | RichBFormatting, RichColor = RichBgColor | RichFgColor,
  BaseColor = BaseBgColor | BaseFgColor, FullRTF = 65535
 Available capabilities for the rich text widget. More...

Public Slots

void slotMetaContactAboutToSave (KopeteMetaContact *metaContact)


void readyForUnload ()
void settingsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void aboutToUnload ()
void addAddressBookField (const QString &field, AddressBookFieldAddMode mode=AddOnly)
QStringList addressBookFields () const
QString addressBookIndexField () const
bool canSendOffline () const
 Determine whether the protocol supports offline messages.
virtual AddContactPagecreateAddContactWidget (QWidget *parent, KopeteAccount *account)=0
 Create a new AddContactPage widget to be shown in the Add Contact Wizard.
virtual KopeteEditAccountWidgetcreateEditAccountWidget (KopeteAccount *account, QWidget *parent)=0
 Create a new KopeteEditAccountWidget.
virtual KopeteAccountcreateNewAccount (const QString &accountId)=0
 Create an empty KopeteAccount.
virtual QPtrList< KAction > * customChatWindowPopupActions (const KopeteMessage &, DOM::Node &node)
virtual void deserialize (KopeteMetaContact *metaContact, const QMap< QString, QString > &serializedData)
 Deserialize the plugin data for a meta contact.
virtual KopeteContactdeserializeContact (KopeteMetaContact *metaContact, const QMap< QString, QString > &serializedData, const QMap< QString, QString > &addressBookData)
 Deserialize a single contact.
QString displayName () const
 KopeteProtocol (KInstance *instance, QObject *parent, const char *name)
 Constructor for KopeteProtocol.
QString pluginIcon () const
QString pluginId () const
virtual KActionMenu * protocolActions ()
 Get the KActionMenu for the custom protocol actions.
int richTextCapabilities () const
 Return if this protocol supports advanced rich text (HTML returned from chat widget).

Protected Member Functions

void setRichTextCapabilities (int)
 Sets the RTF capabilities of this protcol.

Private Slots

void slotAccountDestroyed (QObject *account)
void slotAccountOnlineStatusChanged (KopeteContact *self, const KopeteOnlineStatus &newStatus, const KopeteOnlineStatus &oldStatus)

Private Attributes

KopeteProtocolPrivate * d

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