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void OscarSocket::sendLoginAIM ( void   )  [private]

Sends login information, actually logs onto the server

Definition at line 40 of file oscarsocket.aim.cpp.

References encodePassword(), OscarConnection::getSN(), and sendBuf().

Referenced by parsePasswordKey().

      kdDebug(14150) << k_funcinfo <<  "SEND (CLI_MD5_LOGIN) sending AIM login" << endl;

      Buffer outbuf;

      char digest[17];
      digest[16] = '\0';  //do this so that addTLV sees a NULL-terminator

      outbuf.addTLV(0x0025, 16, &digest[0]);
      outbuf.addTLV(0x0003, 0x32, AIM_CLIENTSTRING);
      outbuf.addTLV16(0x0016, AIM_CLIENTID);
      outbuf.addTLV16(0x0017, AIM_MAJOR);
      outbuf.addTLV16(0x0018, AIM_MINOR);
      outbuf.addTLV16(0x0019, AIM_POINT);
      outbuf.addTLV16(0x001a, AIM_BUILD);
      outbuf.addTLV(0x0014, 0x0004, reinterpret_cast<const char *>(AIM_OTHER));
      outbuf.addTLV(0x000f, 0x0002, AIM_LANG);
      outbuf.addTLV(0x000e, 0x0002, AIM_COUNTRY);

      //if set, old-style buddy lists will not work... you will need to use SSI

//    kdDebug(14150) << k_funcinfo <<  "emitting connectionChanged" << endl;
//    emit connectionChanged(3,"Sending username and password...");

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